Are You Terrified of Tax Season in Valdosta, Georgia?

Are You Terrified of Tax Season in Valdosta, Georgia?

Lewis Accounting & Tax Service will answer your tax questions

Enjoy a better fiscal year thanks to Lewis Accounting. While everyone else is panicking about filing taxes, you'll have complete confidence in your professional accounting team. There's no need to dread tax season when you work alongside financial experts. Simply visit our office for your initial consultation.

Unlike other agencies, Lewis Accounting & Tax Service is available 24/7 - even during tax season. If you have problems with the IRS, we'll find quick solutions. Whether you're filing taxes for an individual household or a corporation, you can take advantage of our flexible hours. Call (850) 624-8534 to book an appointment in Valdosta, GA.

3 tips for surviving tax season

Take it from us, taxes are complex. Here are a few preparation pointers:

  1. Bring last year's tax return, your ID and banking details to our accounting office - set a reminder on your phone the night before.
  2. Try to pay bills and track financial information digitally - software programs are more reliable than that wad of receipts in your pocket.
  3. Don't fear an audit - our professionals are skilled and thorough. Accuracy is an asset we prize.

Lewis Accounting & Tax Service makes life easier for the Valdosta, Georgia community - come see for yourself.

We include Protection Plus $ 1 Million Tax Audit Defense and identity theft restoration services with all of our 1040 tax returns. If you receive a tax notice or suspect an identity theft incident, simply give us a call and we'll handle the rest.